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Nigerian Bern is as an extensive up-to-date online gambling directory, a multinational website whose target audience is the entire world of online gamblers. The goal of the site is to help people from all countries of the globe find trustworthy internet gambling sites.

Nigerian Bern’s staff share many years of combined experience within the online gaming industry, both as avid gamblers and as industry employees. This experience has lead to an understanding of how difficult it can be for players to find internet gambling sites to join, particularly because each country has its own unique online gambling laws and regulations.

Personalized online gambling experience

Even when players have found a site that lets them create an account, the site may not be in their native language, or may not accept deposits in their local currency. With Nigerian Bern’s streamlined online gambling directory, this once-difficult task of finding the perfect online gaming site has been made easy.

To provide the most comprehensive service possible,
Nigerian Bern’s research team spends countless hours collecting and sorting information from all over the internet. In addition to providing specific details for dozens of different gambling websites, the site also provides up-to-date information about online gambling legislation in countries all over the world, letting players learn about the status of online gambling where they live.

Online gambling laws and regulations around the globe

The site is operated by an eclectic group gambling enthusiasts who hail from three different continents, and whose passion for internet gambling has brought them together to provide this unique service for players.

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Whether you’re on a PC or a phone, you’ll find that www.nigerianbern.org has implemented easy to follow drill-down menus, streamlined to cover all aspects of online gambling. Whether your interest is online casinos, poker rooms, slots, sportsbooks or Lottos, we have you covered for all types of online gambling action in over 170 countries.

Experts in Global Gambling Law

Because of the ever changing climate of gambling legislation across the globe, we at www.nigerianbern.org are experts in both regional and local gambling laws and regulations. Keeping up to date in this field is thanks to having a multicultural staff of experienced researchers and knowledgeable industry experts who are committed to keeping your gaming legal.

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To help you find the best online gambling bonuses and online casino offers available right now, our comprehensive web portal is constantly updated on an hourly basis so you never miss out. Remember the days when you’ve found a site that lets you create an account, only later discover that the site is not in your native language, or doesn’t accept deposits in your local currency? With the help of Nigerian Bern’s extensive online gambling directory, this once difficult task of finding your perfect and trustworthy gaming site has been simplified to just a few clicks.

We strive to ensure that every visitor gets a tailor-made gambling experience based on their location and their gaming preferences.

In short, the new re-designed www.nigerianbern.org, is the go-to site for all your gambling needs.